Enhance IT Service Delivery

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists organizations in implementing and sustaining a high-performing infrastructure to support the development and delivery of products and services to customers.

IT Services

We have an array of technology specific solutions catered to the needs of our clients.

Full life-cycle Software Development

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. developers enhance the user experience through full life-cycle engagement (DEV/OPS, Agile, 508 compliance, maintenance, enhancements, COTS integration, data migration, decommissioning).

Database Creation and Administration

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. Database Administrators assist organizations with user–friendly and time saving databases and applications.

Help Desk and Desktop Support

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. crafts help desk processes based upon IT best practices. Through knowledge management practices, information is readily available to technicians.

Change, Configuration and Release Management

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. consultants assist organizations with change, configuration, and release management based on ITIL best practices.


Oxley Enterprises® Inc. specializes in management solutions for our customers. Our expertise can help in any number of systems.

Systems and IT Integration

Reduce cost and increase operational efficiencies by updating legacy systems with Oxley Enterprises® Inc. Systems Integration solutions.

Service Level Management

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists organizations in the process of planning, coordinating, drafting, agreeing, monitoring, and reporting service commitments with customers using Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Management Service best practices. In addition, our Service Level Management solutions support organizations in implementing a continuous improvement framework that allows for the ongoing review of service achievements to ensure that the required and cost-justifiable service quality is maintained and improved.

We provide Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) – contract drafted for external customers
  • Operating Level Agreements (OLA) – contract drafted internally which enables the organization to provide services to external customers
  • Underpinning Contracts (UC) – contract drafted with external company to provide services to external customers

Project Oversight IV/V

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. project oversight solutions integrate project management and benchmarking to ensure smooth implementation of both external and internal requirements while meeting cost and time requirements.


Business Strategy

Ensuring business continues and service disruptions are a minimum for customers is at the forefront of any information technology organization. Oxley Enterprises® Inc. develops business continuity and failover scenarios to ensure consistent delivery of services occurs.


Cost Benefit Analysis

Through a cost benefit analysis, we assist organizations in making decisions based on quantitative data that identifies information technology requirements and facilitates the maintenance and life cycle replacement of those requirements.

Customer Services

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. provides expert consulting services that assist organizations in building and maintaining customer and stakeholder relationships.


Customer Relationship Management

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists organizations in building and maintaining customer relationships by demonstrating proven techniques and best practices that are crucial for every business. In order to successfully increase and maintain the customer base, it is imperative that organizations understand their customers.

Our consultants conduct extensive research on the current customer base and classify customers into exclusive groups with common demographics, which enable organizations to target their marketing efforts more effectively. We schedule meetings with customers to collect their requirements, facilitate the drafting of an agreement which incorporates the customer requirements (such as a Service Level Agreement), and monitor customer satisfaction through surveys and focus groups.


Customer Advocacy

Through customer advocacy, our subject matter experts strive to protect the customer’s interests by educating and preparing them to make the best decisions.

Requirements Gathering

We assist organizations with the research and organization of the requirements necessary for completing a project.