Optimize Organizational Performance

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists Senior Management in meeting organizational goals and objectives by providing all of the organization’s employees with a common direction and vision by fully aligning and integrating business lines, processes, and operations.

Strategic Planning & Organization Transformation

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists Senior Management in meeting strategic goals and objectives and by creating a culture of efficiency and effectiveness. We streamline the implementation of strategic change to:

  • Provide the organization’s employees with a common direction and vision
  • Fully align and integrate business lines, processes, and operations
  • Develop/update a strategic planning process
  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions
  • Develop and implement technical and business architectures
  • Identify and perform just–in–time training for the tools and skills necessary for projects and programs
  • Provide assistance in developing meaningful performance measures for the organization

Through Strategic Management consulting services, Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists organizations with developing sound strategic plans that allows leaders to:

  • Increase investment returns and secure future funding
  • Make decisions regarding capital asset planning, program reviews, and Federal Compliance
  • Effectively leverage project investments so that maximum value is realized
  • Align projects to the organization’s mission and goals
  • Define and measure program success
  • Apply strategic models to influence projects or programs using unique requirements for mission–driven organizations

Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. consultants assist subject matter experts in the development of repeatable data collection instruments to collect and aggregate customer satisfaction and stakeholder feedback. Data collection instruments may be for services provided or for courses delivered. Data may be collected by organization employees, through our consultants, or through our web data collection tool. Statistically sound analysis with proven processes.

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. consultants will analyze customer data through segmentation as well as aggregation. Enhanced reporting aligned with customer requirements. Oxley Enterprises® Inc. consultants assist program managers in developing consistent reporting mechanisms that are timely, accurate, and meaningful to the customer. Data at senior leadership fingertips for performance monitoring and decision-making. Oxley Enterprises® Inc. dashboards are customized based upon client needs and driven by our proprietary performance management database.

Accelerated Business Process Re-Engineering (ABPR)® Services.

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. ABPR® services use a unique methodology that requires a fast-paced approach and other reengineering services to the facilitation and implementation of strategic, streamlined business processes that supports continuous improvement within the organization. Oxley Enterprises® Inc. ABPR® services enable organizations to realize better results faster and to achieve their mission and goals in a manner that maximizes value.

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. ABPR® services implement a four-phased approach to the development of efficient processes that improve overall performance. ABPR® services are designed to deliver sustainable impact to mission-driven organizations by involving key stakeholders in all stages of process redesign and through institution of a Continuous Process Improvement framework.

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. unique ABPR® services enable organizations to improve their competitive edge.


  • Accelerated Business Process Reengineering®


Quality Assurance and Audits

Repeatable processes that deliver results are necessary in today’s competitive market. Oxley Enterprises® Inc. consultants assist organizations in developing and implementing quality systems based upon best practices (e.g., ISO 9000, CMMI, Six Sigma).

Strategic Systems Deployment Model (SSDM)

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. consultants use a Strategic Systems Deployment Model™ (SSDM) to guide organizations toward successful strategy development and management. This model enhances organizational maturity and focuses on implementation of best–practice business practices developed on a foundation of good strategic fundamentals.

Our time–tested SSDM™ in conjunction with our exemplary experience and Accelerated Business Process Reengineering® (ABPR) methodology can deliver better results faster for your organization and help you achieve your mission and goals.

Performance Measurement and Analysis Consulting

All organizations are interested in achieving success, but very few define accurate performance measures that clearly demonstrate progress, success, or failure. Oxley Enterprises® Inc. implements a top-down approach to measurement by helping organizations identify the critical few measures required to accomplish their objectives. We develop customized performance management systems that motivate employees to excel in performance, while working towards organizational goals.