Deliver Best Practice Training Solutions

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. helps customers develop and implement learning systems that support their organizational strategy and goals by building high-impact workshops that best fit the unique learning needs of the organization.

  • Jump Outside the Box 

    With team building as a key focus, individuals learn to work together more effectively while actively applying effective “outside the box” thinking and problem solving techniques to improve the work environment.

    Through this innovative, hands–on workshop, participants learn cutting–edge research–based tools and techniques that foster effective “outside the box” problem solving.

  • Delegate, Coach, and Motivate

    Discover coaching techniques that provide constructive feedback and meaningful recognition that impact personnel performance and motivation within your organization.

    Participants interact in a fast–paced team to emphasize the importance of strategically delegating tasks and responsibilities.

  • Keeping Commitments

    Discover high performing behaviors in teams and business events and the best way for participants to clarify agreements and make commitments within an organization.

    This integrative workshop focuses on concepts such as: identifying root causes that hamper productivity and applying strategies to excel in a corporate environment, knowing how to conduct effective value-added meetings, and understanding high performance team techniques.

  • Let's Communicate

    Explore productive ways to promote effective communication through listening and team collaboration. This workshop utilizes theory–driven action–based learning that provides a forum for continuous action planning using skills and strategies needed to promote clear communication flow in your organization.

  • STAR Customer Service

    Improve customer service by creating a customer–centered culture. Participants learn how to deal with irate customers, set the stage for STAR Customer Service, understand the value of each employee, and exceed customer expectations.

Customized Training Solutions

We offer support and guidance on selecting workshops that best address the unique learning requirements of organizations through our detailed workshop tailoring process.

Interpersonal Skills

We provide workshops and customized training solutions in skills that enhance individual performance (e.g., communication, teams, coaching, critical thinking, conflict management, customer service, consulting skills, organization, time management).

Business Skills

We provide workshops and customized training solutions in skills that enhance organizational competencies for improved performance (e.g., measurement, benchmarking, change management, process improvement, planning, project management, Baldrige National Quality Program).

Tactical and Technical Skills

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. provides workshops and customized training solutions in skills that enhance organizational capabilities (e.g., anti- and counter-terrorism).


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