Maximize Human Capital

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists organizations in increasing individual and organizational performance through the development of human capital systems using systematic, research-based organizational development methods.

Coaching and Mentoring

Consultants at Oxley Enterprises® Inc. help Executives understand how to apply effective coaching techniques that positively impact personnel performance and increase motivation within the organization. Executives will discover the importance of strategically delegating tasks and responsibilities, providing constructive feedback, and giving meaningful recognition.

Meeting Facilitation

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. fosters an environment where large groups of people within an organization work together effectively to reach a defined goal through meeting facilitation services. Any time clients need a neutral party to help collaborate efforts among diverse groups or individuals, our skilled facilitators provide decision support services to achieve breakthrough results.

Human Capital Planning

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists organizations in increasing individual and organizational performance through the strategic development of human capital systems. Using systematic, research–based organizational development methods, human capital systems are designed to meet organizational goals and objectives through full alignment of your processes, policies, and procedures.

Surveys and Assessments.

Organizational Assessments

To provide guidance and expertise on increasing productivity and efficiency within an organization. Oxley Enterprises® Inc. conducts an assessment of the organization’s achievements to–date in correlation to its goals and objectives in order to identify areas that need to be transformed and to determine the solution that best fits the needs and culture of the organization.

Human Capital Surveys and Assessment Tools

Acquire the solutions that take your organization to the next level of performance using organizational surveys. Oxley Enterprises® Inc. works with customers to develop and administer surveys, analyze data, provide a comprehensive report, and offer support for action planning. The valuable information obtained from this service will empower customers to make the right decisions for their organization.

Succession Planning

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists organizations to increase efficiency with succession planning by integrating best practices that ensure employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company, and to ensure that key roles are filled from within the organization