Optimize Project Performance

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. delivers fully integrated, results-based solutions that help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively by strategically aligning project and program activity with organizational mission and goals.

Project Management

After identifying the project mission and goals, Project Management Professionals (PMP) at Oxley Enterprises® Inc. provide exceptional project management support in order to help the customer deliver high quality results on time and within the project budget.

Project Portfolio Management

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists clients with establishing and optimizing a portfolio of projects in order to leverage resources, cost, productivity, and risk on project investments.

Through our Project Portfolio Management (PPM) services, Senior Leadership is empowered to make informed business decisions by defining current and planned investments consistent with organizational mission and goals. Our Project Management Professionals (PMPs) help organizations institute project portfolio management systems in order to

  • Explore links between business strategies, processes, and IT investments
  • Align new project investments with established portfolios
  • Analyze alternative investments relative to business requirements
  • Understand risks associated with investments to ensure adoption of appropriate risk management solutions
  • Establish a baseline for performance reporting
  • Manage effective integration of IT infrastructure projects

Earned Value Management

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. helps organizations implement Earned Value Management systems and utilize the data in evaluating and improving project performance.