Organization Transformation & Improvement Consulting Services

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) formulate strategies that make distinctive and lasting improvements across organizations by ensuring big-picture review of objectives, capabilities, and potential opportunities.

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Strategic Planning & Organization Transformation

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. assists senior management in creating and meeting strategic goals and objectives and by promoting a culture of efficiency and effectiveness and fully aligning and integrating business lines, processes, and operations.

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Organizational Performance & Data Analysis/Reporting

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. consultants assist senior management in the development of meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) for the organization and repeatable data collection instruments to collect and aggregate customer satisfaction and stakeholder feedback. Data is at senior leadership’s fingertips for performance monitoring and decision-making. Our dashboards are customized based upon client needs and driven by our proprietary performance management database.

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Process Development, Reengineering, & Management

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. helps organizations provide consistent and value-added products and services to customers through streamlined and effective business processes. After performing a process audit and/or organizational assessment, our consultants determine whether processes need to be created, revised, or reengineered. If it is determined that the processes need to be reengineered, our Accelerated Business Process Reengineering® Methodology is customized to meet the needs of the organization and to ensure successful implementation and integration.

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Project Performance

After identifying the project mission and goals, Project Management Professionals (PMPs) at Oxley Enterprises® Inc. provide exceptional project management support to help customers deliver high quality results on time and within the project budget. We assist clients with establishing and optimizing a portfolio of projects in order to leverage resources, cost, productivity, and risk on project investments. We help organizations implement Earned Value Management (EVM) systems and utilize the data in evaluating and improving project performance.

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Surveys & Assessments

Oxley Enterprises® Inc. works with customers to develop and administer surveys, analyze data, provide comprehensive reports, and offer support for action planning. The valuable information obtained from this service will empower customers to make the right decisions for their organization. Dashboards for ongoing data collection are an excellent way for leadership to quickly see data results and make decisions.

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